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  1. A work of art relating or dedicated to the night.
  2. dreamlike or pensive composition

Blues, on a hot July night in New York City.  Here, every dance is a work of art. Every dance is a new creation, a new composition shaped and shared by you and your partner.  Fashioned by connection.  Held together by music, history, and community.

Join us in the greatest city in the world as we come together to dance, share and learn with some of the best blues dancers in the world.

See you in July,

         – The Nocturne Blues Team


 Nocturne 2015 Mission:  History & Culture

“…the Blues Set is sometimes said to be the one that gets things back down to the so-called nitty gritty, which is to say back down from the cloudlike realms of abstraction and fantasy to the bluesteel and rawhide textures of the elemental facts of the everyday struggle for existence. As a result of which the dancers (who were sometimes said to be put in the groove) were normally expected to respond … with warm person-to-person intimacy that was both robust and delicate.”

                             —Albert Murray, Stomping on the Blues

In the spirit of this quote by Albert Murray, Nocturne’s mission this year is to get “back down to the so-called nitty gritty”. The "nitty gritty" being questions like:  Where did the blues come from? What did it look, sound, and feel like? How has it developed into what it is today? Knowledge is power, and we believe that knowing more about where we come from can enrich and enliven where we are going.

Who's coming?!

Name City
Chelsea Adams Layton, UT
Antonio Aguilar Montreal, Quebec
Jea Ahn New York, NY
Adriana Arcia New York, NY
Shannon Bagnell Atlantis, Fl
Michael Benz New York, NY
Laura Boddorff Clarks Green, PA
Zachary Brass Cambridge, MA
Bill Brodie New York, NY
Angelina Bufalini Grosse Pointe, MI
Rachael Burke Herndon, VA
Thomas Chappell Cambridge, MA
Naomi Choodnovskiy Boston, MA
Om Choudhary Pittsburgh, PA
Charlene Chow Boston, MA
Rosina Cleland Somerville, Ma
Melissa S. Cohen Rego Park, NY
Andrea Creel Rockville, MD
Nick DeWitt Austin, TX
Anne Dorward Toronto, Ontario
Luc-Etienne Gagnon Montréal, Qc
Todd Gates Brooklyn, NY
Anna Halbrooks-Fulks Arlington, Virginia
Jeanette Holmes New York, NY - New York
Olga Huber Macedon, NY
Angel Jenio Lansing, MI
Kayla Joachim Minneapolis, MN
Grace Jones-Taylor Austin, TX
Joshua Kronengold Queens, NY
Mel Leduc Montreal, Quebec
Alex Luck Cambridge, MA
Brendan McGlynn New York City, NY
Bradley Nathanson Charlotte, North Carolina
Kerian Pearson Philadelphia, PA
Jennifer Piwonski New York, NY
Molly Quigley Minneapolis, Minnesota
Steve Rekhler Long Island City, NY
Grace Richmond Portland, OR
Elaine Schiff NEW YORK, New York
Susan Spillane Dublin,
Bess Stillman Ny, Ny
Aleksandra Taranov Princeton, NJ
Maria Taranov New York, New York
Alaris Todar Brooklyn, New York
Rachel Tornheim New York, New York
Marvin Warren Easthampton, MA
Xida Zheng New York, NY

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